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The Grant Application requires the following:

  1. A detailed description of the project goal and plan including how it relates to the curriculum, the affected grade levels, subject areas, alignment with learning standards, as well as the project’s timeline, location and potential involvement of any community groups.

  2. Who will be involved in designing and implementing the project (colleagues, Administrators, students, parents).

  3. The number of students you expect to influence or impact with your project.

  4. Evaluation plan for possible measurable effectiveness of the project. Include number of students, additional ideas, possible future plans, and the success/impact of the project.

  5. Provide an itemized list of materials needed for your project. Include your estimate of the cost for your project and how much are you requesting to fund your project by completing the attached budget page.

  6. Provide a timeline for completion.

  7. Please supply contact information so that we can reach you should we have any questions about your application.

  8. Please submit your completed application to the Foundations email: Feel free to email us if you have any additional questions.

  9. You will be responsible for presenting the project at the Foundation Showcase for the staff/ community. The Foundation will publish information to the public.

Once the Grant is Formally Approved ...

  1. You will be asked to submit a purchase order to the district business office. This purchase order should consist of any food/supplies/services needed, quantities, the cost of these items and the names of vendors you wish to order from. The Business Office will be responsible for placing your order.

  2. All  applications are due in March and decisions will be made the folllowing month.

  3. All purchase orders need to be in to the Business Office by June of the school year the grant was awarded.

  4. All grant projects can be completed from the month they were awarded though June of the following year .

How to Apply for a FTWEF Teacher Grant

The FTWEF has designed the application process for ease and efficiency. Your project can be of a variety of formats – big, small, simple or complex – with the sole objective of creatively connecting with your students.

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