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Our mission is to provide the teachers of the Franklin Township Public School District with additional resources to support innovative and inspiring programs for their students. We are able to support these programs entirely through donations. 

This, being our first year, we are pleased to award $4,205.45 to fund some exciting programs. We look forward to keeping you updated on their progress. For more about the grants, click here.


Franklin High School

  • Junior Classic League

Franklin Park School

  • Publishing My Own Hardcover Book

Franklin High School


Hillcrest School

  • Supporting Social-Emotional Health through Outdoor Classroom Space

Franklin Middle School
@ Hamilton Street Campus

  • Access to Books for ESL Students

  • TREP$, short for entrepreneur$

  • School-wide Book Club

  • Arts for Anime & Manga Club

MacAfee Road School

  • Sustainable Jersey Juniors Courtyard Garden

  • Battle of the Books

fms_hsc grant winners.jpg
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