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Our mission is to provide the teachers of the Franklin Township Public School District with additional resources to support innovative and inspiring programs for their students. We are able to support these programs entirely through donations. 

This year we are pleased to award $6,253 to fund some exciting programs. We look forward to keeping you updated on their progress.


For more about the grants, click here.

Congratulations to our
2023 Grantees



Aspects of Video Awards

Michael Pinnix

Experience real life professional producing and directing through guest lectures, master classes, and showcase their artistic abilities, using the latest state of the art technology, software and multimedia. 


Race, Gender, and Equity in America

Anisha Kakar

Students will have the opportunity to meet leaders of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey; to interview them, discuss how they can make a difference, and become actively involved in creating change in the community.

​FRANKLIN MIDDLE SCHOOL @ Hamilton Street Campus


Author Visit 

Margaret Auguste

Increase students’ appreciation for literature that is culturally relevant by inviting an author to explain their writing process and learn how culture and ethnicity influenced the author, and interact with the students to inspire ideas. 


Multimedia Digital Apps

Luizette Armise

Increase students’ interest in the use of technology to transform 2D printed images into a variety of educational 3D models using Silhouette Portrait.


Family Engagement Nights

Trey Mitchell and the Climate/Culture Committee

By hosting two Family Engagement Nights, involving families in fun-filled evenings in order to build community and strengthen the school/home partnership.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Calming Corner

Katherine Young and Quiyon Peters      

Provide a quiet, comfortable space for students to reset when they feel anxious, or overwhelmed to decrease feelings of irritation, anger, sadness; a space to self-regulate before returning to a classroom setting to acclimate back to the learning environment.


Stress and Fidget Sensory Development Area

Melissa Langan

Create a safe space where students have access to a variety of sensory items to assist them in developing their emotional regulation.




Inclusive Life Science Lab

Shana Ponna

Provide hands-on materials to help Autistic students connect to Life Science topics, examine objects encased in heavy duty acrylic which will safely allow them to be included in manipulative learning.


Diversity Night Festival Materials

Cindy  Jimenez

The Diversity Night Festival relates to our district equity plan and the principles of our districtwide Culturally & Linguistically Responsive (CLR) training to respect and champion the diversity and life experiences of all community members.


Reading Nook

Miranda Danielle Ramirez

Create a quiet reading nook providing a chance for students to escape into their books in a cozy space as well as a calm down center.



Readers of the Month

Jaime Means 

Displaying Students of the Month pictures on the Wall of Readers to motivate practicing reading independently and become fluent readers.



The Garden Club

Mei Hui, Adrianna King, and Meenaxi Patel

Through participation, students will learn about life science, plants, animals, and earth science, life cycles, habitats, weather, climate patterns, soil composition, and symbiotic relations between different organisms.



Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Science Lab

Kristen Calhoun

STEM time to explore materials for STEM Day through a science lab activity that students can take with them.


Quiet Reading Nook

Miranda Danielle Ramirez

Create a quiet reading nook providing a chance for students to escape into their books in a cozy space as well as a calm down center.

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